Monday, June 14, 2010

Web 2.0 tools that make a difference – Session 2.617.15-18.15

Presenter: Russell Stannard
Russell started his demo with a funny video on the worst that could happen for a presenter. He maintained how the Internet and YouTube have made it easier for us to teach presentation skills and other skills using free video materials. Russell referred to his portal and his free newsletter. His website includes two subdivisions: ESL/ELT-related video tutorials and web 2.0/ICT ones. Jing and other screen capture software were the highlight of the presentation. Russell demonstrated how easy it is to create a screen capture of almost anything the teacher does on screen, upload and share it with students in no time and for free. All it takes is a free account on with free server space and a URL that is automatically produced and sent once the screencast is uploaded. Russell shared all sorts of brilliant ideas how this software can be used for teaching Enlgish. Most amazingly, video feedback on essays typed in MS Word can work easily and efficiently with screen capturing where the teacher can highlight, type, and record his/her voice with comments. It simply blows the mind away how this can be turned into a group feedback screencast where the students can take this up one level by critiquing their own essays based on a model answer. Here is a creative teacher with lots and lots of ideas.

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