Monday, June 14, 2010

Responding to Writing Symposium

Convener: Nagwa Kassabgy
Presenters: Yasmine Salah El-Din, Veena Bhamhani, Nagwa Kassabgy, Phyllis Wachob
The presenters reported various action research projects done in their classes. All projects focused on how instructors respond to their students’ writing by giving corrective feedback in various ways. Generally, there was emphasis on trying out new techniques as well as addressing students’ needs and learning styles. The presenters touched on learner preferred vs. teacher preferred techniques.
One project measured the percentage of grammatical errors made by university-level students’ writing over a semester, reporting positive results. Another project described MA graduate students’ reactions to a new technique. The instructor gave her students audio mp3 files in which she addressed their papers in a personalized manner. The presenters concluded that it is important to cater to students’ needs. They also highlighted the importance to address various learning styles for improved outcomes.

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