Monday, June 14, 2010

Managing Customer feedback and complaints – Session 1.4: 15.00-15.30

Presenter: Justin Kernot
Justin advocates the use of ‘anecdote circles’ – informal focus groups in which customers, i.e. students, can voice their concerns to program supervisors. This technique seems to work very well in the Middle East and elsewhere, according to Justin. The suggested technique works as follows: Program supervisors tend to listen, learn and deliver. They listen to those in the know and endeavor to meet their cultural norms and expectations. They aim at making their customers’ life easy by making systems transparent. They also provide support through continued support and development of their staff in addition to recognizing their customers’ feedback. Justin illustrates the power of stories flying around about how satisfied/unsatisfied customers can be. Formalizing these stories and providing pre and post measurement of change can give a clear direction to the institution and the right message to customers.

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