Wednesday, April 21, 2010

After-thoughts about Harrogate 2010

I'm on my way to Bradford airport in Leeds thinking, "it's been a memorable visit." Despite the cloudy weather on my final day, I can't complain since I've been promised cloudy, windy and rainy over the past week. Still I got two sunny days as a token of friendship from the town of Harrogate. The town does have this friendly atmosphere. People are warm with smiley faces wherever you go. It's taken me one day to feel at home.

I panic on the bus when I realize that 50-pound notes aren't accepted.  Oh my, I have no change for my ticket to the airport. I'm bogged down with my luggage with only 15 minutes to find a solution. I get off the bus running down to a small cafe, bumping into chairs and apologizing. The shop assistant gives me change for a fifty giving me 'all' the change she has. She doesn't even ask me to buy a cookie, which I was ready to do anyway. Goodbye Harrogate .. I'm going to miss you,

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